ZON-0500 Expandable Zone Controller


The ZON-0500 is an intelligent, microprocessor based zone control. Capable of controlling up to 4 zones per control, the ZON-0500 can be used as a standalone unit, in conjunction with the 0550 series or as an expansion module for the 1000 series controls, and can handle multiple priority selections.

The controller can be daisy-chained to provide unlimited coverage and flexibility for virtually any number of zones. The ZON-0500 allows for pump or valve control, and is capable of enabling a boiler. The layout of the control makes for easy wiring and simple setup, allowing for quick installation and minimal on-site time.

  • Up to 4 independant zones per control
  • Attaches to CPU-1000 or ECO-1000 controls, or stand alone unit
  • Expandable to 36 zones
  • Provides pump or valve control
  • Boiler enable/ TT contacts
  • 2 demand outputs (Heat/Cool) or (TT/DHW)
  • Multiple priority selections (see page 7)
  • Heating zones will not open or turn on when the CPU-1000 is in Warm Weather Shut Down (WWSD)
  • Fully protected by resettable fuses
  • Zone protection technology – ECO-1000
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