WD-16 DHW Heating

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The WD-16 domestic hot water heat pump is a water-source heat pump that can fully take over residential domestic hot water (DHW) heating from an electric or gas-fired water heating device. It is a variation on the geothermal space heating Nordic W and WH-series, which have long histories of reliable operation.

Designed for use with District Energy Sharing Systems or open loop style systems where the ground loop (Source) temperatures are 45F or above. The WD-Series is ideally suited for domestic hot water heating, because it uses a domestic hot water rated heat exchanger and R134a refrigerant. Traditional geo-exchange heat pumps using R410a refrigerant cannot operate reliably or efficiently at temperatures above 120F, which is too low for domestic hot water heating.

The WD-Series is designed with small space in mind and can be wall-mounted.

Key Features:

  • R134a circuit ideally suited for domestic hot water heating temperatures up to 160F.
  • Built-in domestic hot water circulator pump to distribute the heated water to a hot water tank.
  • Double wall heat exchanger for dedicated hot water heating.
  • Built-in temperature control. External temperature controller can be used if desired.
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