WC-Series Geo-160F

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Unique in the geothermal industry: WC-Series High Temp heat pump. This Water-to-Water heat pump can take geothermal ground loop temperature water and bring it up all the way to 160F. It uses cascading dual compressor and dual refrigerant technology to achieve this.

Key Features:

  • R410a circuit on the ground side and R134a circuit on the hot side for a wide temperature spread without stressing either circuit.
  • Two high-efficiency single-speed Copeland scroll compressors, each with double grommet isolation for low noise.
  • Single wall heat exchanger for space heating with optional double wall condenser available for dedicated hot water heating.
  • Electronic expansion valves for precise refrigerant control and maximum capacity.
  • Gen2 control board includes BACnet and USD laptop connectivity, data logging, built-in aquastat functionality, ‘outdoor reset’, and electronic readout of all water in/out temperatures and refrigerant pressures.
  • Sight glass are standard on each refrigerant circuit.
  • Refrigerant receivers on each circuit to maximize condenser capacity.
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