W-Series Large Commercial (12-65 tons)

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Introducing the next generation of our Commercial W Series, a water-to-water heat pump designed for large-scale heating.

This unit has a small footprint and can be installed in single or multi-unit configurations. Units can be stacked side-by-side with minimal clearance between them since all servicing can be done from the front or back of the units!

Available with or without reversing valve for heating & cooling in a single unit. Tandem Copeland scroll compressors allow staging according to load. Electronic expansion valves are standard for precise superheat control and ease of service. Integrated phase protection is standard. Very popular for use with concrete in-floor heating systems, swimming pool heating (using secondary heat exchanger), or any other application where large quantities of hot water are required. Suction line accumulator, liquid line receiver, high efficiency 316SS brazed plate heat exchangers, replaceable core filter dryer and sight glass are standard equipment on all models. Available in capacities from 100,000 Btu (12 tons) up to 850,000 Btu (65 tons).

Heat pumps come standard with digital onboard aquastat and BacNet interface.

For these commercial geothermal heat pumps we recommend budgeting for a lead-time of 12 weeks.

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