THM-0300 Wi-Fi Zoning System Programmable Thermostat


The THM-0300 is a 3 stage fully programmable P.I.D thermostat designed for hydronic radiant heating. The large, full graphic display is easy to read and simple to navigate using a push button keypad control. The thermostat can handle multiple heating and cooling modes within each zone and also includes a geothermal mode that can run 2- stage heating and 2-stage cooling for a 4-pipe geothermal system.

NOTE: The THM-0300 is designed to work with the ZON-0550 Zone Control. It is not a standalone unit.

  • 2 wire thermostat (power and communication)
  • Connect via phone using the HBX Zone App (requires ZON-0550 and TMX-0100)
  • Radiant Floor heating or cooling
  • Internal room, external floor or outdoor sensing capabilities
  • Integrated 2 Amp dry contacts

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