NORDIC TF-Series Multi Function

The NORDIC TF-Series Multi Function heat pumps are excellent for applications where a combination of in-floor heating and forced air heating & cooling is desired. Key features:

  • Forced air heating
  • Forced air cooling
  • In-floor heating
  • Domestic hot water pre-heat via desuperheater with built-in circulator pump.
  • Compatible with popular thermostats like NEST (3rdGen), EcoBEE 4, Hailin 3H-2C tstat sold here
  • Now features the GEN2 control board with onboard AQUASTAT.

Infloor heating is best provided via a buffer tank (like our BUFFMAX) to prevent frequent on/off cycling of the compressor. The new Triple Function heat pump now comes with GEN2 control board which has a built-in Aquastat for set-point control. An external controller – such as HBX ECO-0550 is no longer required, but still CAN be used if desired.

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