AHW Series Hydronic Air Handler (vertical)

Hydronic air handlers, also known as hydronic fan coils or hot/chilled water fan coils, are devices that take the heat from hot water and transfer it to a forced air duct. This is done with a water-to-air heat exchanger, and a blower. Forced air cooling can also be accomplished from chilled water in the same manner.
Key advantages & features of this Fan Coil are:

  • Delivers up to 66,700 btu/hr of heat with as low as 110F water temperature inlet! (see capacity tables for details).
  • Premium ECM blower motor is standard, delivering constant airflow regardless of external static pressure or filter condition, with maximum efficiency.
  • Air filter can be changed without tools, and only 1 thumbscrew.
  • Completely insulated water lines.
  • Powder coated cabinet eliminates corrosion.
  • Internal electric heaters from 5 to 20 kW available as an accessory.
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