HBX ECO-1000 Expandable GEO Control


Simple to install and understand but integrated with “Behind the Scenes” sophistication to tackle the toughest HVAC design applications. Intentionally built with both the installer and end-user in mind. The HBX ECO-1000 is a fully integrated control unit based on Indoor/Outdoor Reset Control Technology. This intelligent controller uses a PID algorithm, that learns and adapts itself to both the external and internal environment making adjustments to the Heating or Cooling Source. Thus, optimizing comfort in an energy conscientious way.

In comparison to the ECO-0550, the ECO-1000 is expandable using either the EXP-0100 or EXP-0300 modules. This makes using the ECO-1000 especially useful in applications with 3 or more stages of heating and cooling.

  • Stages and rotates up to 14 single stage heat pumps
  • Outdoor reset technology
  • Single or dual tank modes
  • Runs reversing valve and/or 3 way valves
  • Rotates heat pumps on time or cycles
  • Specific auxiliary heat programming parameters
  • Internet connectivity
  • Built in pump sequencer

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