ATA – Air to Air

This Air-to-Air heat pump is a whole house forced air heating & cooling heat pump is truly made for Cold Climates and has several unique features that other heat pumps don’t have. This heat pump:

  • Does whole house heating via ultra-efficient ECM fan. It connects to your sheet metal ductwork.
  • Does whole house cooling.
  • Pre-heats domestic hot water via its unique desuperheater function.
  • It works with outdoor temperatures as low as -21C. Back-up plenum heaters can assist or take over automatically if needed.

Air-source heat pumps require no ground loop installation and are thus cheaper upfront to install. This can make the Air-to-Air heat pump an attractive solution depending on local conditions and budget. Maritime Geothermal, being a leader in heat pump technology, has made several adjustments to the ‘traditional’ air-source heat pump design to create high efficiencies even at very low outdoor air temperatures.

The corresponding OUTDOOR component is included with this unit. Optional 15″ or 30″ Leg Kits can be ordered.

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