ATA – Air to Air

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This Air to Air air-source heat pump whole house forced air heating & cooling heat pump is truly made for Cold Climates and has several unique features that other heat pumps don’t have. This heat pump:

  • Does whole house heating via ultra-efficient ECM fan. It connects to your sheet metal ductwork.
  • Does whole house cooling.
  • Pre-heats domestic hot water via its unique desuperheater function.
  • It works with outdoor temperatures as low as -21C.

Air-source heat pumps require no ground loop installation and are thus cheaper upfront to install. This can make the Air to Air air-source heat pump an attractive solution depending on local conditions and budget. Maritime Geothermal, being a leader in heat pump technology, has made several adjustments to the ‘traditional’ air-source heat pump design to create high efficiencies even at very low outdoor air temperatures.

The corresponding OUTDOOR component is included with this Air-to-Air heat pump. Optional 15″ or 30″ Leg Kits can be ordered.

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