Geothermal: Your Key to Green Energy

With the Albertan Government offering incentives to businesses choosing to harness the power of high-efficiency products, the push towards net-zero buildings is stronger than ever. As a distributor that supplies geothermal products to many businesses, including builders of multi-residential and commercial properties, here are a few of Rocky Ridge Geo’s top tips for making sure […]

Why Nordic Heat Pumps?

When it comes to choosing a heat pump system for your property, there’s no shortage of reasons why the right fit is important. The best fit can save you time, money, and more importantly, increase your energy efficiency. As a Canadian company, Rocky Ridge is proud to be a distributor of Nordic Heat Pumps. For […]

Now in stock: The AltSource Back-Up Tank

Rocky Ridge Geo is pleased to announce the arrival of the AltSource Boiler Back-Up Tank. A perfect fit with renewable energy systems, Rocky Ridge is a distributor of the following models: 50 Gallon – 4.5 KW back-up heat 50 Gallon – 12 KW back-up heat 70 Gallon – 15 KW back-up heat 70 Gallon – […]

Geothermal Heat Pumps: Perfect For Multi-Residential and Commercial Builds

When it comes to the construction of commercial, multi-residential, or other large scale projects, finding an affordable and reliable source of heating and cooling is a crucial part of every build. Geothermal heat pumps are a fantastic option for contractors and installers looking to check both boxes in one go. Find out more about why […]

Rocky Ridge Geo: Your Geothermal Suppliers

Rocky Ridge Geo is pleased to be a premier supplier for the geothermal industry across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and parts of the United States. We carry ground and air source heat pumps for residential, commercial, or specialty purposes as well as air handlers, flow centres, controllers and more. Amongst our inventory, you’ll find top brands […]

Benefits of Wireless Thermostats

Finding a thermostat for commercial or multi-residential properties can be a tricky process for even the most seasoned contractors and builders. With building designs becoming more complex, energy incentives more prevalent, and, of course, more technology always entering the market, making choosing the best fit your build a complicated process. As an increasingly popular option, […]

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