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Flush Mounted Wall Sensor

US$30.21 excl. taxes

The HBX (029-0099) Indoor Sensor mounts flush to the wall to give an unobtrusive look and acts as a hidden indoor sensor. The sensor can be connected to any HBX thermostat for remote temperature sensing and works with the THM-0600.

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THM-0600 Full Color Wi-Fi Thermostat

US$123.93 excl. taxes

The HBX THM-0600 WiFi is a Full Color Touchscreen Thermostat designed for Hydronic/HVAC heating and cooling systems. The thermostat features multiple heating/cooling modes, programmable schedules, and away/home mode.

NOTE: The THM-0600 is designed to work only with the ZON-0600 HBX Wi-Fi Zoning System and utilizes only two wires (power and communication) to the ZON-0600 zone control. This eliminates the need to pull wire which makes it ideal for retrofits as well as new installations.

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ZON-0600 WiFi Zone Controller

US$237.24 excl. taxes

Standalone 4-zones, or Expandable.

This revolutionary ZON-0600 WiFi Zone Controller allows you to control up to 4 zones per module and customize exactly your needs and wants for any application including radiant floor and forced air system control or a combination of both. You can use the THM-0600 WiFi 2-wire thermostat in conjunction with this controller (read our article on the Benefits of WiFi Thermostat controls).

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HBX ECO-0600 Geothermal Control

US$387.28 excl. taxes

Introducing the HBX ECO-0600 Geothermal Control. This is the latest geothermal control product by HBX and controls up to 4 heat pump stages. This makes it a suitable controller when using up to two dual stage water-to-water geothermal heat pumps. It comes with newly enhanced color display, easier wiring access and is fully WiFi enabled.

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Danfoss ESBE ARA Actuator

US$361.46 excl. taxes

The Danfoss ESBE ARA Actuator is used with the Danfoss ESBE 3-Way Valves to turn the valves using a 24VAC (2 VA) low voltage signal. Ideal for geothermal hydronic applications with separate heating and cooling tanks.

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Danfoss ESBE 3-Way Valves

US$145.25 excl. taxesUS$320.52 excl. taxes

The Danfoss ESBE 3-Way Valves are designed for mixing and diverting water to the appropriate temperature to meet the zone or system requirements within heating and cooling systems. Ideal for geothermal heating and cooling tank applications.

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HBX Wi-Fi Thermal Energy Meter (BTU)

US$377.74 excl. taxesUS$1,355.10 excl. taxes

Accurate BTU Metering made easy

The HBX Thermal Energy Meter makes it easy to obtain real-time BTU metering, reporting and even billing. The HBX Thermal Energy Meter uses the patent pending SensorLinx Sensor system and is EN 1434 Class 2 certified for heat metering.

SKU: BTU-0xxx Categories: , ,
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BUFFMAX Storage Tank

The tank that makes all the difference.

The BUFFMAX Storage Tank optimizes the performance of several types of applications: boiler, biomass, geothermal, heat pump, solar energy systems. Key features are: Temperature and Pressure Indicator, Large Diameter connections to optimize fluid flow, Auto Air-Vent and ASME Certification available on certain commercial models.

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