NORDIC Industrial Air Purifier

Indoor Air Purifier Industrial

Introducing NORDIC©’s new 4-stage air purification system.

The NORDIC Indoor Air Purifier CA-300 is an industrialized air purifier that can be used standalone to filter air in a room, or with an intake duct to draw air from another point or from an arm for point air cleaning.

4 Stages of the Nordic Air Purifier

1. A pleated 2” MERV8 filter removes larger particles from the air stream. It will remove 90% of particles >2µm (microns) in size.

2. The air is next treated by an LED UV-C lamp with an optimized germicidal wave of 275 nm (as opposed to the 254 nm of mercury lamps).

3. Next, an 11.5” HEPA H14 filter removes 99.995% of remaining particles of size 0.3 µm, which is the hardest particle size to capture with a mechanical filter. Capture efficiency is even greater for smaller & larger particles. The large thickness reduces air pressure drop and increases service interval.

4. Finally, a 2” activated carbon filter removes chemicals and odors.

Features & Benefits

Footprint – A 22.5” x 14.5” footprint.

Blower – Squirrel cage.

Fan Motor – 5 speed ECM.

Stages – 4 stage process of air purifying.

Cabinet – Galvanized steel powder coated bright glossy white.

Service Door – Held by a magnetic catch and has a disconnect switch that powers down most electronics to prevent accidental exposure to the UV-C rays and moving fan blower.

UV-C Window – Window is made of a material type that blocks the UV-C rays, allowing only the visible indicator light to shine through.

Insulation – Outer cabinet shell is insulated with 1” fiberglass insulation for noise abatement and solidity.

Available Sizes – One size.

Capability – Air purification

Great for classrooms, offices, meeting rooms etc…

This NORDIC Indoor Air Purifier is plug-and-play and does not require professional installation. Check out this latest product here: CA-300

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