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For more than a decade, we have worked with the geothermal controls from HBX Controls Systems. This company, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada makes a variety of HVAC controls. They were one of the first companies to recognize that heat pumps deserved better than a standard on/off type aquastat.

Introducing the ECO-0550 and ECO-1000

We often say “heat pump compressors don’t die, they get murdered”. What we mean by that is that improper operation of an otherwise extremely reliable heat pump will lead to its premature failure. The importance of a proper control strategy as part of this cannot be overstated. The HBX ECO-0550 and ECO-1000 are fantastic standalone controllers that provide so much more than your basic aquastat. They are instrumental in increasing the life-expectancy of your geothermal water-to-water heat pump.

Reduce Cycling

A critical part of increasing the life-expectancy of your heat pump is to reduce its on/off cycling of the compressor. Modern dual stage compressors have the advantage of working at part-capacity. This allows for reducing the compressor cycles, but only if controlled properly.

The HBX Geothermal Controls have an intelligent PID loop with off-staging function that will drastically reduce cycling and increase compressor life.

Energy Savings

Another big advantage of using an HBX controller versus a standard aquastat is the ability to use energy saving functions like Outdoor Reset. This function automatically adjusts the temperature set point target based on outdoor temperatures. This means that during milder times of the year, your heat pump will run at lower temperatures, which drastically improves COP.

Please check out our line-up of geothermal controls here. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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