Nordic geo-exchange heat pump preferred for Blatchford

RockyRidge Geo Distributors is proud to announce that the Canadian NORDIC® geo-exchange heat pumps have been selected as a preferred brand for use at the Blatchford Edmonton development.

Because we are Alberta’s distributor for NORDIC®, it is our goal to provide product and technical support to builders, their construction partners and mechanical contractors.

WD-Series Geo Domestic Hot Water

One of the exciting products that NORDIC® and RockyRidge Geo Distributors have co-developed is the WD-Series domestic hot water heat pump. This geo-exchange heat pump is unique in the industry, because it can use the relatively high ambient district energy fluid of 45-50F to create domestic hot water up to 160F. The WD-Series is ideally suited for domestic hot water heating, because it uses a domestic hot water rated heat exchanger and R134a refrigerant. Traditional geo-exchange heat pumps using R410a refrigerant cannot operate reliably or efficiently at temperatures above 120F, which is too low for domestic hot water heating.

The WD-Series is designed with small space in mind and can be wall-mounted. More details on this heat pump to follow soon.


DHW Heating heat pump

Home heating and cooling

Besides the WD-Series for the domestic hot water, these NORDIC® residential heating & cooling geo-exchange heat pumps are ideally suited for Blatchford.

Parts & Accessories

Danfoss ESBE ARA Actuator

US$543.84 excl. taxes

Parts & Accessories

Danfoss ESBE 3-Way Valves

US$218.54 excl. taxesUS$482.24 excl. taxes
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Geothermal - Residential

NORDIC EMW Energy Module

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