Why Nordic Heat Pumps?

nordic heat pumps

When it comes to choosing a heat pump system for your property, there’s no shortage of reasons why the right fit is important. The best fit can save you time, money, and more importantly, increase your energy efficiency. As a Canadian company, Rocky Ridge is proud to be a distributor of Nordic Heat Pumps. For over 30 years, Nordic has established itself as an industry leader, providing top-notch options for commercial, industrial, and residential customers. As a supplier to multi-residential builders, HVAC professionals, and many other types of clients, here are a few reasons we choose to carry Nordic items in our inventory:

Built in Canada for Canada

One of the unique advantages that Nordic products have over competitors is their Canadian based manufacturing. Acting as a distributor for Nordic allow us to support a Canadian company (and the Canadian economy in turn) and gives customers living in more temperate climates the peace of mind. Knowing that your heating system is built to withstand both harsh winters and hot summers allows building managers and owners to have confidence that their heat pump will easily provide year-round support. NORDIC is also the only Canadian manufacturer with a fully certified CSA Test-lab facility on site, allowing them to make sure they produce the best products possible.

Reliable Efficiency

Another huge factor when it comes to choosing the right heat pump is knowing that your Coefficient of Performance (COP) is maximized for Canadian climates. Nordic’s geothermal equipment, as mentioned above, maintains efficiency in both hot or cold climates. This means that your overall efficiency remains steadfast, which translates directly into savings (up to 75% on your utilities!) for owners. Nordic geothermal heat pumps achieve a year-round, industry leading COP of up to 5.0, with the air-source line varying between a COP of 1.4-4.0, and holds steady at 2.3 in -9°- much higher than Mitshubishi’s ZUBA.


Due to the efficiency of the products, Nordic’s commercial geothermal options are environmentally friendly. Whether you’re simply looking to reduce costs or to implement retrofits that are compliant with energy guidelines, there are plenty of options that are suitable to meet your needs. Installing geothermal heat pumps in your building can aid you in attaining a LEED certification along with the related benefits (contact us today to learn more).

Nordic pumps are a reliable resource with a wide range of applications. As a geothermal distributor, Rocky Ridge’s foremost concern is carrying products that best serve our customer base. We are pleased to be partnered with manufacturers like Nordic and welcome those with questions or purchase inquiries to contact us directly for more information.

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