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Rocky Ridge Geo is pleased to announce our search for qualified dealers and distributor of HVAC and Geothermal products. As our client base continues to expand, it is our goal to service the needs of our customers across the prairies with ease and reliability in mind.

We are now looking for dealers based in major centres across Saskatchewan and Manitoba including Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Winnipeg, and Brandon. If you deliver high-quality products, have a passion for the geothermal and/or the airsource heat pump industries, and the desire to partner with a proven leader, please contact us today!
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Koen van der Maaten, owner of Rocky Ridge Geo made our search and purchase of the Nordic ATW system efficient, streamlined, and even fun from the beginning to the end.  Living in Kalispell, MT, the Nordic ATW system wasn’t to be found, as we don’t currently have suppliers of the Air to Water technology.  Even across the border, Koen made it possible for us to get the system shipped to our home and to help guide the installation and fine-tuning process of the system with a local HVAC business, through his impressive knowledge of the system and engineering background.  Upon the original shipment, one piece of the system was damaged and Koen helped guide the easy return with Nordic, making it possible for us to get the replacement in time for Winter.  When we had a question we had quick solutions and in the end the system is operating efficiently and as hoped, helping us meet our goal of building an eco-conscious home.  We highly recommend Rocky Ridge Geo and thank Koen for his superb customer service, work, and dedication to sustainability!

 Charley and Ann-Sullivan, Kalispell, MT

Charley and Ann-Sullivan, NORDIC ATW owners
The Nordic Triple Function heat pump is working fantastic. It is much quieter than the other brand heat pump we had. It has no problem heating our 5400 sq ft log home all by itself.
Brian, NORDIC heat pump owner
I had to replace my previous geothermal heat pump and decided to go with NORDIC. My new NORDIC heat pump outperforms my previous heat pump in quality, reliability and efficiency.
Bert, NORDIC heat pump owner
The NORDIC geothermal heat pumps are supreme when it comes to their serviceability, quality of components used and manufacturing quality. They are the best I’ve seen in the geothermal market.
Jesse, Jesse's Way Refrigeration
This 6 ton geothermal unit is beyond comparison !!! Everybody is amazed at the quiet. All other manufacture’s units we looked at needed extra noise control installed in the furnace room. We can leave the door open and nobody even notices. Easy set up. Great installation flow diagrams. A pleasure doing business with you and the company. Thanks M.J. Ingles
Mike, Geothermal installer

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Rocky Ridge is a specialist supplier and HVAC distributor for the geothermal industry. With decades of installation experience, we carry the best products the industry offers and provide exceptional customer support along with hassle-free warranty! Rocky Ridge is proud to supply clients throughout the Canadian Prairies (Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan) as well as select regions of the United States. See more about our products, read our latest news, or contact us today to learn more about how Rocky Ridge can meet your needs!

Maritime Geothermal has been manufacturing the NORDIC® Geothermal heat pump brand since the 1980’s. NORDIC® Heat pumps are made using the highest quality components. Supreme serviceability, and backed by a 10-year warranty on all major refrigeration components are other highlights of this industry leading heat pump.